Privacy Policy

- When you browse and enter user information, you agree that we will keep your user information through the system and insurance companies to process this information. - We may use your user information in accordance with the terms of this Privacy Policy for the following purposes: * Create and process your content in order to get competitive prices to secure your vehicle. * Identify issues that arise on our sites, applications or services in order to plan improvements to our sites, applications or services or create new sites, applications or services that meet your needs. * To enable us to meet all the requirements imposed on us legally. * Send you regular messages (including an e-mail or text message), regarding specifications, products, services, events and special offers. * Communicate with you through any means (including email, telephone, text messages, social networking sites, cold and personal communication) to inform you of news and other information that may be of interest to you, provided that such communications comply with the law and maintain and update your contact information if necessary, as well as obtain your prior voluntary consent where necessary. - We may disclose your user information to a third party (Capital Market Authority, insurance companies, Royal Oman Police) in order for the third party to send you periodic communications regarding specifications, products, services, events and special offers on our behalf. - If a third party owns all or most of our assets, in this case your user information that you have provided to us will be transferred to us as part of the assets transferred to it. - If we have to disclose or share your user information in order to: * Compliance with legal obligations; * Applying or implementing the terms and conditions and/or any other agreements; * Protect our rights, property, safety, customers, or other users. * We may also disclose your user information to any of the companies associated with the system wherever these companies are located in the world and for whatever reason after the prior approval of the General Authority for the Capital Market.