Before Purchasing Q) What is the difference between third party insurance and comprehensive insurance? Third party insurance: Third party (third party) insurance provides third party liability coverage only, as per the terms and conditions set out in the Unified Motor Insurance policy. Note that this insurance is mandatory according to the regulations of the Sultanate of Oman. Comprehensive insurance: Comprehensive insurance provides comprehensive coverage of the insured vehicle as well as third party liability coverage. Comprehensive insurance usually covers loss or damage to insured vehicle from accidents, fire and theft, as per the terms and exceptions set forth in the insurance policy. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Q) Does the insurance company compensate me for the repair of the vehicle due to traffic accident if the insurance policy of my vehicle is a third party insurance policy? No, the insurance company does not compensate the holder of a third party insurance policy to repair his own vehicle, but compensates the third party in case there is liability for the accident by the policy holder, as per the terms and conditions set forth in the insurance policy. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Q) What is the unified Motor Insurance policy? The Unified Policy for Compulsory Vehicle Insurance is a document containing general rules and conditions for insurance issued by the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Q)I have not had an accident in years and I did not benefit from insurance. Why should I insure every year? You are an exemplary person and we congratulate you and wish you safety always. However, you must know that insurance is not an investment that we expect to have a direct return from, but rather a protection for you, by the willing of God, from the risks and the large or small financial claims resulting from accidents, God forbid, which no one can predict. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Q) Is eTaameen application secure for electronic payment? Yes, eTaameen application deals with one of the largest Omani banks (Bank Muscat) for payments which has a dedicated fraud prevention team, who will work with you to set up the best rules and standards to reduce fraud. The team will also monitor financial transactions in search for any unauthorized credit card transactions. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Q) Is eTaameen application approved and authorized by the official authorities? Yes, eTaameen application is the application to purchase insurance documents and is licensed by the Capital Market Authority. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Q) Does the purchase process require sending images of personal documents such as the national identity? No need to send or upload images of official documents, eTaameen verifies the information provided by you through connecting with the relevant official authorities. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Q) Does the third-party insurance policy cover personal injuries of the driver and passengers? Please go back and read the unified motor insurance policy for to learn about the insurance coverage. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Q) Can you transfer insurance from one person to another when buying a used vehicle, for example? According to Oman regulations, car insurance cannot be transferred from one person to another; new insurance must be obtained if a new vehicle is purchased or in case of an ownership transfer. The former owner can recover the relative portion of the insurance subscription (if any) by communicating with his insurance company. That is according to the abrogation mechanism mentioned in the unified motor insurance policy. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Q) Can I purchase more than one insurance policy for the same vehicle? According to statutes and regulations, it is not allowed to carry or purchase more than one insurance policies for the same vehicle and with the same owner's name at the same period of time. Note that a new Policy can be added if there are (30) days remaining until the end of the first policy. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Q) Is the purchase process of the insurance policy through Tameeni application immediate? Will I get the document immediately? Yes, eTaameen application provides safe and immediate payment. After completing the purchase process of the policy by one of these channels, the policy will be issued to the owner immediately, and the policy and its details will be sent to the customer’s registered Email. You can also download or print the policy from your own account in eTaameen application. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Q) There are (10) days left for my insurance policy to expire and I want to renew the vehicle insurance, what should I do? You can renew and issue a new insurance policy before the current policy expires (recommended) in no more than (14) days after the expiration of the current policy. All you have to do is to log into your eTaameen account and request a new one so long as your selected "policy start date" is on the day following the end of your current policy. Example: The expiration date of the current policy is 15-07-2020, then the start date of the new document must be 16-07-2020. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Q) I do not renew the vehicle insurance immediately after the end of the previous one; instead, I renew it after several days. Is there any problem with that? It is always recommended not to leave the vehicle without insurance coverage even if it is for one day, and that is for the following reasons: - To avoid the hazards of getting into a car accident, God forbid, which may result in financial claims on the owner of the vehicle. - Not renewing the vehicle insurance or taking a break between the previous and the new policy may result in loss of no-claim discount privileges. - Not renewing the insurance policy may get you a traffic violation ticket. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Q) Are the prices offered by the insurance companies on eTaameen application include no-claim discounts? Yes, eTaameen application links with the concerned parties to ensure that its customers get the best prices, including access to all discounts available, including also the "no-claim" discount that is imposed by the Capital Market Authority to all insurance companies. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Q) I want to transfer the ownership of a vehicle. Does "eTaameen" application insure the arrival of the insurance policy to insurance company database immediately? Yes, the work mechanism with our partner insurance companies is to send and export the insurance policy once the insurance policy is successfully purchased. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Q) Are the policies prices provided by eTaameen application competitive? Yes, eTaameen application has been careful since it was established to make the prices of the provided insurance policies on the application competitive compared to the insurance market. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Q) Should I print the insurance policy I have purchased from eTaameen application? We advise and encourage our clients to print the insurance policy and keep it always in the vehicle, in case it is requested by the traffic man or others. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Q) I have Forgotten my password? What should I do? To reset your password, please follow these steps: 1- Log in to the login window and press "Forgot Password". 2- Enter your email address that is registered in eTaameen. 3- Press "Send" button. 4- A message will be sent to your registered email address, please click on the change your password link. 5- The password update window will then open, enter the new password. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Q) Can I change my email address? Yes, your email address can be changed by following these steps:- 1. Login to your account. 2. Click "My Account". 3. Press "Settings" from the menu. 4. Click the Edit Email icon in the "Email" field. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Q) Can I return to my account later on and print the policy? Yes, you can return to the account at any time and print the purchased insurance policy. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Q) Can I change my mobile number? Yes, your mobile number can be changed by following these steps:- 1. Login to your account. 2. Click "My Account". 3. Click "Settings" from the menu. 4. Click on the edit mobile number icon in the "Mobile number" field. 5. Your new mobile number will be verified by sending a text message with the activation code. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Q) What is meant by "valid documents" that appear when entering my account on eTaameen application? They are the insurance policies that you have previously purchased from the "eTaameen" application and which insurance coverage validity (duration) has not yet expired. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Q) What is meant by "Expired Documents" that appear when I log in to my eTaameen account? They are the insurance policies that you have previously purchased from the "eTaameen" application and which insurance coverage validity (period) has expired. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Q) What is meant by "almost expired documents" that appear when entering my account on eTaameen application? They are the insurance policies that you have previously purchased from "eTaameen" application, and which have only a short period left for the coverage period to expire. In this case, the vehicle owner (the insured) must purchase a new insurance policy from eTaameen application. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Q) Is the document valid after the purchase? The insurance policy is valid only from the date of commencement (validity) date of the document, which is described in the insurance policy. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Q) Can I cancel the policy after purchasing it from eTaameen application? The insurance policy can not be canceled through eTaameen application, and it is required to refer to the concerned insurance company in order to do so. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Q) I have modified / changed / canceled the insurance policy with the concerned insurance company and I have not seen the change in eTaameen application? If the owner of the policy makes any changes to his policy later on with the concerned insurance company, such change will not occur on eTaameen application and what has been changed from the insurance company is considered valid and operational. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Q) Does eTaameen application remind me before the validity (duration) of the current policy expires? Notifications' preferences can be controlled by following these steps: 1. Login to your account. 2. Click on "My Account". 3. Press "Settings" from the menu. 4. Choose the "Notifications" tab 5. Mark (a check mark to be put in here) in "Before the policy expires by" and then choose the appropriate time to remind. You will receive a text message as well as an email reminder. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Q) May the insurance company cancel the provisions of the chapter 1 of the Unified Motor Vehicle Insurance Form related to comprehensive insurance coverage? Yes, insurance company may cancel that in case convincing fundamental reasons are evident and the company has to send a written notice to the insured regarding the cancellation. In such event, comprehensive insurance is transferred to compulsory insurance (third party). ------------------------------------------------------------------- Q) What is the method of calculating for the refunded premium of a valid policy? Refunded premium = Premium X (remaining period ÷ insurance period). ------------------------------------------------------------------- Q) Why was the list of persons authorized to drive the vehicle mentioned when entering into the insurance contract? A special table for the names of the vehicle drivers has been included in the unified vehicle insurance policy form so that the policyholder can obtain an additional reduction in the insurance premium when he mentions a list of specific names that will drive the vehicle. The reason for the entitlement to this reduction in the premium is that the vehicle owner from the outset determined the size of the risk that might occur due to restricting the vehicle’s driving to a specific category in itself. In either case, the vehicle owner’s right to the compensation determined for him does not lapse even if he did not provide the insurance company with this list or listed the names and the vehicle’s driver was not among the names listed at the time of the accident. Unified Vehicle Insurance. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Q) Why is the insurance price determined according to the age of the vehicle driver? The degree of risk varies according to the age of the vehicle driver, and it is one of the most important factors in determining risk, and for this importance it has been included in the basics of risk pricing when subscribing to insurance coverage, which is based on the mental and emotional maturity of motorists, which refines and grows with age. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Q) What is meant by compulsory or compulsory (third party) insurance? Compulsory or compulsory insurance (the third party) means compensation for all bodily injuries that occur to others, which is every person who is not insured (the owner of the vehicle) and those similar to him and their family members caused by his vehicle, in addition to compensation for material damages that occur on property owned by others. It is called compulsory or compulsory insurance because it is a cover to preserve the rights of the third party who suffers the damage, in addition to it being mandatory insurance under the Omani Traffic Law. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Q) Is it permissible to recover the insurance premium after the insurance policy expires? The insurance premium shall not be refunded after the expiry of the insurance policy or in the event of a claim ------------------------------------------------------------------- Q) What makes some risks uninsurable? 1 - Lack of financial value. 2 - There is no insured interest. 3 - Illegal or legal activity. 4 - Vice or unethical behavior that contributes to dangers (for example, fraud). 5 - Some hazards related to disasters such as nuclear accidents, famine or war. 6 - General exceptions to the policy, such as fines or criminal acts. 7 - Normal property depreciation and depreciation over time. 8 - Other factors or limitations that contribute to making risks uninsurable, which are delay, market agreements or confiscation. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Q) Why do some insurance companies not accept comprehensive insurance coverage after 5 years for example? Comprehensive insurance is an optional insurance, whether for the policyholder as well as insurance companies under the Vehicle Insurance Law. Technically, the risk and loss rate increases directly with the increase in the vehicle’s life, and there is a big difference between the price of modern original spare parts and old spare parts in addition to the lack of availability Some old spare parts for the same model of the vehicle, however, there are several companies that provide comprehensive insurance coverage for vehicles over 5 years old, in case the conditions are available to provide this coverage. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Q) What is the basis for specifying insurance premium? 1 - Cash value of the vehicle on the date of purchase as per the ¬first purchase invoice. A certificate of the actual cash price of the vehicle in the date of first purchase is requested from the vehicle agency. 2 - Calculating depreciation as per the approved depreciation schedule (1 or 2) from appendix (1) of the Unified Motor Vehicle Insurance.